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Pat O’Brian

The sun pressed down on my skin as I rode through the streets of Tucson, past the houses with dirt yards and succulent landscapes toward the university campus where there was likely to be a […]


I woke up after a couple of attempts at snoozing my alarm. It may have been eight o’clock. I rolled back the covers, stretched out my arms and plopped back into the bed, lazily covering […]

The Beautiful Northwest

Traveling through the Northwest has shown me the diversity that exists in the geography of the states.  I have also met a range of individuals that have shown me many perspectives that exist across very […]

Southwestern Summary

So much to do, so little time to write it all down.  I have spent a good deal of time in the past couple days working to write down some of the experiences that I […]

R.C. Whitaker AKA Sodapop

I pulled up to a shopping center that obviously catered to the upper middle class.  Beautiful landscaping outside, like the neighborhood was several miles removed from central Austin in what appeared to be a slightly […]

West Toward Texas

I was in no rush to leave New Orleans; my experiences there had begun to change me.  However, I only had 60 days for the trip and if I was to make it back before the school […]

Billy & the Graveyard, NOLA

I pulled away from the hostel and headed North on Washington Avenue. It had started to rain so I was wearing my red rain slick, which really doesn’t breathe well and I was starting to […]

Grocery Shopping

“You want to wear clothes for getting dirty,” Inci said as she got dressed and tied her bandana.  I kept on the jeans that I had worn for the past few days and decided that […]

Honey Island Swamp, LA

I drove east with the intention of chatting up a local with a boat and convincing him to take me out on the swamp.  I had envisioned overgrown backwoods and swamps with wooden shacks emerging […]

The Red House

On Sunday, I was able to get a bed in the hostel.  Inci texted me saying that there were availabilities if I was interested, “Yes, please book it for me.”  I checked in, took a […]

Lost and Found

On Saturday, I made plans to meet up with Inci.  We decided to take the bike over to Frenchman and see Alabam Slim play again.  It probably took us 40 minutes to get across town […]

Abby & the Bywater

I pulled up outside a bar that was said to have a pool table.  I was parked outside, about to go in, when I realized that the light was fading and it was the 4th […]

Alabama Slim – New Orleans, LA

Based on what I had gleaned from several sources, Bourbon Street was the last place I wanted to see in New Orleans.  It sounded like a perpetual frat party with a drinking quota of more than […]

Southern Summary

A visual summary of the trip so far!  Presently, I am in New Orleans but I will be headed west tomorrow. It may take a few days for me to post about New Orleans because […]

Tom – Birmingham, AL

I rode into Birmingham in the midday heat.  I found a shady spot on the side of the road to park my bike and I sat on the curb, resting and checking my email as […]

John – Mobile, AL

I stopped into an old ice cream and praline establishment on Dauphin St. for a milkshake and ended up with a root beer float.  A man sat down beside me, “It’s like Happy Days.”  “Sorry?” […]

Two Smiling Faces

I ran out of the JohnnyShot.Me cards yesterday – the ones I was using to promote the blog.  While wandering through Mobile, Alabama, I saw a print shop and thought maybe I could have a set […]

Flame Thrower

I followed the directions to Stringer’s Ridge – rode across the river on Market Street and back through the neighborhood to the gravel road that would lead to the trails.  At the end of the road, a […]

Stringer’s Ridge

After my jaunt around town, I pulled into the Honest Pint, one of the bars that Sassyfrass had suggested, back in Knoxville.  Inside, there were a couple of huge chandeliers, a beautiful, large wooden staircase to the second […]

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga is a beautiful city.  It sits right on the Tennessee River and several bridges connect the more residential part of town with what seems to be the more commercial area.  I rode across a […]

Knoxville, Tennessee

I took off from Bristol after a late check out and headed toward Knoxville, Tennessee.  My plan was to end up in either Chattanooga, Tennessee or Rome, Georgia.  I would figure that out once I […]

Calling Mr. G

As I was driving toward Knoxville, Tennessee, I received a phone call from a number that I didn’t know.  I called the number and had a hard time understanding the speaker on the other end. […]

Cody – Waynesboro, VA

I pulled into Nazareth… wait, nope.  I pulled into Waynesboro, Virginia, on my way to Bristol, Tennessee.  I needed to get gas and I was ready to eat something as well.  I found a spot […]

Meghann – Gettysburg, PA

The day got off to a late start because I had a doctor’s appointment for 1:00 in the afternoon and didn’t end up leaving until about 2:30pm.  It was about 5:00 before I was in […]

Leaving the City

New York City is a place of convenience, culture, surface level interactions, fashion, technology, hipsters, the bourgeoisie, fads and food.  In the city, life moves fast and becomes easily saturated with things to do, places to […]

Prepping the Bike

In October of last year, I joined a garage named Vax Moto, in Gowanus, Brooklyn.  The man who runs the garage is a former photographer and present bike enthusiast.  At the end of the day, he […]

Securing the Pup

Two months on a motorcycle leave little room for a puppy, unless I want to try to squeeze her into my saddle bags.  Her ridiculously long tongue would emerge from the bags and drool all over […]